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★ Thank you for taking the time to check out our donation page! ★
★ Carefully read all of the donation rules before pressing the donation link! ★
★ SlimeTales does not endorse any P2W features! ★

  • By donating, you agree that all of the information you provide is rightfully yours. Do not donate if you do not have the expressed consent or permissions necessary to do so. You also agree that the purpose of donating is to help with providing for any server-associated costs including, but not limited to, server hardware improvements and advertising. While we offer in-game rewards for donating, they are simply our way of saying thank you for your support.
  • All donations are final upon being processed and confirmed. You will not be refunded if you change your mind, or if your account is banned. If a transaction is still pending, and you wish to change your mind, please contact the SlimeTales admins or staffs.
  • Any chargeback claims associated with your account will automatically lead to a ban of your account(s) and IP addresses associated with them.
  • By donating you will not gain gameplay advantages over a non-donating player. All uses of donor points will be cosmetic only.
  • Donations are account-based. Donor items can only be transferred between your characters on the same account using the "Cash Storage" feature. You are not entitled to any refunds for any items that are transferred through the use of the "Drop NX" feature in game.
  • Every purchase from the cash shop using donor points will have no expiration date.
  • You shall gain a donation tag on your forum account within 24 hours of your donation being processed and confirmed.
  • Donations will be used for server hardware improvements, advertising, and other server-related services.
  • Donation point exchange rates and donation rewards are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of SlimeTales administrators and will only apply to those who donate after a given change. (i.e. Limited Time Events).
  • Donor rings can be obtained on all characters on the account so long as one character on the same account already has them.
We would also like to award those who continue to support our server with special label rings to showcase themselves in the game. All donations, including founders will be considered for the accumulated total requirements needed for each award.

$15 Total - Silver Label/Chat Ring + Unlimited VIP hairstyles / eyes

$30 Total - Gold Label/Chat Ring

$50 Total - Diamond Label/Chat Ring

★ Please fill out and answer the form provided below. Blank answers will not be accepted ★

Current Donation Point Exchange Rate: $1 USD = 1 DP
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